Welcome to the Ioannou Lab!

We use a combination of biochemistry and quantitative microscopy to study the mechanisms of lipid transport and metabolism in the brain.

Ioannou Lab News:

2020-09-24: Maria’s essay on fatty acid transport in the brain is out! https://rdcu.be/b7GG4

2020-09-20: Position available for a talented postdoctoral fellow. Applicants should email their CV and contact information for 2 references to ioannou@ualberta.ca

2020-07-20: The lab publishes our first paper on extracellular vesicles https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-68436-x

2020-07-15: The lab welcomes Dr. Jinlan Chang, our new Research Associate!

2020-07-08: The lab attends the FASEB Lipid Droplet Conference