2023-05-01: Rubio won 2nd place for Best Poster at the Department of Physiology Research Day

2023-05-01: Isha won the Richard Stein Manuscript Award, for the best paper first-authored by a graduate student in the Department of Physiology

2023-05-01: The lab welcomes two new undergraduate students; Ceili Green and Jeremy Wong

2023-04-10: Isha’s paper on autolysosomal exocytosis is out in the Journal of Cell Biology

2023-03-23: Check out Rubio’s comment on astrocytic OxPhos in Nature Metabolism:

2023-02-13: Isha passed her candidacy exam!


2022-12-15: Rubio was awarded the 75th Anniversary Award and the Delnor Award given to the top applicant in the competition!

2022-12-15: Nathanael was awarded the 75th Anniversary Award

2022-12-05: Isha was selected to give a talk at ASCB

2022-11-02: Rubio passed his candidacy exam!

2022-09-01: Maria is awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair

2022-06-23: Julie was awarded an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship

2022-05-06: Isha won best talk at the Physiology Research Day

2022-05-01: The lab welcomes two new undergraduate students; Kennedi Chik and Ju-Young Bae

2022-04-29: Ju-Young Bae was awarded the Medicine Class of 1986 Research Studentship

2022-04-15: Isha was awarded a CGS-D from CIHR

2022-04-01: Kennedi was awarded the Undergraduate Research Initiative Summer student award.

2022-04-01: Wendy was awarded the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award

2022-02-15: Julie was awarded the Dr. Rowland and Muriel Haryett Neuroscience Fellowship!

2022-02-24: Isha won best PhD talk at the Cell Biology Research Day.

2022-02-01: The lab welcomes Dr. Julie Jacquemyn, our new postdoctoral fellow.

2022-01-15: The newest addition to the Ioannou Lab: a shiny new Zeiss LSM900 with AiryScan2!


2021-12-28: Check out the Bellen lab’s new paper on how AD-risk genes affect glial LD formation.

2021-11-05: Rubio won Best PhD Poster at WCHRI Research Day.

2021-06-21: Check out our new review on ‘Lipid Droplets in the Nervous System’ in JCB

2021-04-01: Wendy was awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award!

2021-02-16: Maria is selected as a 2021 Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience

2021-01-21: Read Maria’s contribution to JCB’s People & Ideas article on setting up a research lab during the pandemic


2020-10-27: Isha was awarded a SynAD ADRD Trainee Grant!

2020-07-20: Check out or new paper describing microdomains inside extracellular vesicles

2020-07-01: The lab welcomes Dr. Jinlan Chang, our new Research Associate!